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Take the next step toward featuring your brand on a USA TV series.

Complete the form below to speak with Serena DC's Product Placement team and find out if your brand is the right fit, to be featured on a USA TV series. We’ll also answer most of the common questions that people have:
  •  How much do I need to invest in Product Placement?
  •  Can my brand be featured on TV in the USA?
  •  How much money can I expect to make from Product Placement?
  •  What marketing budget should I have?
  •  Will my website / warehouse be able to handle a rapid increase in sales?
On the call our team will review your brand, research your target market, and work out the perfect genre of TV series to showcase your brand on, if you'd like us to. If your brand looks like a good fit for Product Placement then we might start pairing you up with potential TV opportunities straight away! Even if your brand is not a fit for any of the USA TV series we work with, we’ll happily point you in the right direction to help you find a home for your brand on TV. 

We look forward to speaking with you! 

Complete the form below to reserve your call now! 

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Are You Able to Gift Your Product / Service to Celebrity Cast Members in Exchange for Photos of them with your Brand?

If your brand is accepted to be showcased on TV, would you be interested in having a walk on role on the show?

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